Trustworthy Solo E-Mail & Traffic Resources

** Please remember solo ads are never guaranteed if they come from TRUE-REAL Traffic.  It’s important to have a high converting landing page to grab the attention of others. Many advertising packages rotate your ad on thousands of pages, if your title is not catchy or catches the eye of someone on that page you will not get a sign up!  It’s important to remember advertising takes time and takes A LOT of viewers to get any results. That’s why you need to advertise anywhere & everywhere to targeted traffic for your business EVERY DAY!  You need thousands upon thousands of hits on an ad, it’s just the way advertising is!

(I like to use this example to teach others how to understand advertising. “You are driving home and see a McDonald’s billboard advertising a Big Mac, you see it every day, you drive past it every day, it catches your eye every day… do you go to get a Big Mac every day? No of course not!  But hey it’s Friday and you see that billboard and you want that Big Mac.  You pull through the McD’s drive thru and buy that Big Mac!) — Advertising online works! but you have to do it every day for maximum results and advertise to LOTS Of places.

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Leads, Leads, Leads!