Sink, Float or Swim?

Summer is almost here in eastern Pennsylvania and it’s time for much swimming!  The kids are always excited because in Pennsylvania, outside swimming becomes possible during the late spring and summer season! All the public pools open, and the ponds & lakes warm up! There is no better feeling then your first splash in a cool pool or pond on a hot summer day.

Working online can feel like this at times too. Once you feel that amazing splash in a cool pool on a hot summer day there is no turning back.  It seems like we start out floating in Internet Marketing, then we seem to Sink, sometimes even sink more and more… before we drown, we quit.  The idea is to Swim of course, but it’s finding that perfect pool or pond which makes all the difference.

Most of us floaters & sinkers kept purchasing the next shiny new program, in hopes that “this will be the one” “this one will make me lots of money so I can enjoy the lifestyle I deserve”  In my experience over the years, many and I mean many programs are good, they can make you money if you work them, recruit others to be in them and earn commissions off of this recruitment. But many programs have come and went. Many programs die out… many, many money making opportunities are just not a wise choice if you are looking for long term residual income.

The reason I chose a 23 year old online company is because of simply that… for 23 years they have been helping people make money online.  I wanted to Swim. I was tired of floating and sinking with the fly by night programs only making a measly $500 a year here and there.

I thought to myself, if I am going to put my effort into something online this time, it’s going to be with an established company that provides the highest quality tools, training and commission opportunities, a company that will be around in another 23 years.  I found it.

Stop floating, stop sinking, come and swim with me!


~ Dana Rook, MCEC SM