Tracking, Trying & Tribulations!

I am ALWAYS looking for new, better, higher converting and additional traffic sources for my online business promotion. As I know all of you are too!  I’m an avid tracker, I obsess about tracking, knowing if, where and how my advertising is converting.  My philosophy is “ANY Advertising is GOOD Advertising” however, some advertising is exceptionally AWESOME!

I ran across this highly responsive advertising site… o.k. here’s the skinny: When I first purchased,  I spent $5.30 for 1000 clicks, got ZERO opt-ins.  However!, the site was new, starting out, so this week I tried it again and spent $4.97 for 1000 clicks and guess what? 2 opt-ins and an upgraded member in my home business program!  Now some of you might think, “wow 2 opt-ins?” (sarcasm) but for most of you that have been in the Internet Marketing business, biz opp, affiliate promotion business you will appreciate 2 opt-ins from 1000 clicks.

Yes it’s sad but true, you need a whole lotta advertising to even get 1 person interested, usually… now I say usually because there are highly responsive places to put ads out, however not every day, or every week or even every month there is a guarantee for opt-ins.  Don’t be discourage, just keep trying, keep promoting and keep following up!

Try out KrisClicks


make it work!

~Dana Rook